Sunday, February 27, 2011

Will we ever get this all home????

So after 4 different Christmas' all in one trip you can imagine that we went home with a lot more than we came with. After this trip we did determine that we would need a van with the next child. This CVR would not hold anything else. We do travel with our dogs in a kennel so in all fairness that does take up about 1/2 of the very back. We didn't have room for the car, but we did manage to save room for Lanie (barely)!!!

Christmas #4

Our fourth and final Christmas was at my Grandma Dot's. Lanie had to take a nap in the afternoon so we started opening presents without her. So if she looks a bit sleepy in the pics she went directly from nap to opening presents. Tough life! Again I now know that I have to really step up my game with pictures and get some of Lanie actually with family. Better luck next year!!!

Lanie really liked this piano. For a short second I thought we might should get one for her. Then I came to my senses and determined we already have plenty of loud toys. She does however love music and dancing so I am sure at some point we will break down and get this girl a keyboard who knows she may even actually want to learn to play someday.

Christmas #3

Later on Christmas eve we met up with all the Bratten's. We always have quite the crowd so we meet in the fellowship hall at the church. We don't see the whole family but about 2-3 times a year and we missed last Christmas so this was the first time Lanie was really big enough to interact with all her cousins. She wanted to be right in the middle of all the bigger kids presents. Luckily Ella let Lanie play with her fun dress up stuff.

Christmas #2 - My Parents

Christmas at my parents was a lot of fun. We got up on Christmas Eve for opening presents. I again did not do a great job of taking pictures, but here are a few. Of course all she wanted to do the whole time we were there was go to the shop to ride in her "go car" with Papa. As you can imagine Papa never said no!!

Mixer for baking up some cookies.

Pots and Pans. Someone had given a tip that Lanie likes to cook at her kitchen.

Feeding her new baby.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Highway to the Danger Zone

Grandma and Papa got Lanie a Jeep Powerwheels which Papa stood in line for 1.5 hours on Black Friday to purchase. We are huge Black Friday participants which brings me the idea of doing a blog about that day (or actually would be better described as that night). Anyways back to this jeep. My parents couldn't wait till Christmas to give Lanie this present. They could barely stand waiting until we got there. Plus we were going to be getting some colder weather so they wanted her to have time to ride it. We ended up just putting it in Papa's new shop. She drove that car round and round and round. She still isn't quite getting the steering part. However the pedal to metal that she understands.

1st time to sit in the Jeep and somehow already knows exactly what to do.

Round and Round and Round in Papa's shop we go.

Papa's shop was still pretty cold at this point, but during our trip the men installed the wood stove so the shop was soon very toasty.

Tinky even got in on some Jeep action. I am not sure how I even got this picture, she bolted right afterward.

The men working on the wood stove. This monster used to heat our house. I had to inform my dad of the memories I have of cutting wood every weekend to put in that darn stove to heat the house. Need less to say I did not enjoy it. Poor Bart had never cut wood before so he actually volunteered to go help out my Dad. I am not sure you will ever catch me cutting wood again unless I am very desperate.

Grammy Karen's Christmas

Lanie had a Christmas morning at both Grandparents houses just on two different days! She had a great time at Grammy Karen's and got some great gifts. Thanks again Grammy Karen, Uncle CJ, and Aunt Libby!!!!!

Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

Twas the night before Christmas. Grammy K got Lanie this really neat stuffed animal that told the night before Christmas story. She was mesmerized by the mouth actually moved with the words. We listened to it over and over just a few times (more like 10). We hope to make this a new tradition for the night before Christmas at Grammy Karen's!!!

One of the few times that she has actually sat still in someone's lap

Let's just say my mother n law really likes me or at least I think she used to. She not only got Lanie a popper but also a music roller. She had to have one for both hands right? Funny thing is she plays with them a lot at the same time. Daddy and Lanie often have races with these two FUN toys right before bedtime when we are attempting to run down her energy.

GK also got Lanie this crazy doll that laughed anytime someone even came close to it or it would just go off at random times. I have to admit that I have not replaced the batteries in this toy after the ones that came with it ran out. Sorry GK!!! Someday I will feel guilty and replace them (someday I just don't know when at this point.)

I realize that I completed slacked on taking pics. I mean I didn't even get any pics with Lanie and the fam. I promise to do better next time.

Opening our first presents of the Christmas Season

We always open up our presents at home before we leave to visit our families the week of Christmas. Here are Lanie's few gifts that we got for her: 1st lego set, little people nativity set, and new backpack. She was very meticulous with unwrapping the paper on the presents. She wanted every little piece of wrapping paper off and believe you me she wasn't stopping until she completed the task. As she opened more presents she even started putting her paper directly into a trash bag. That's my girl!!! We had to be very watchful with Lanie around any other presents since she had learned how to unwrap. She thought all presents were hers. It's a lot for a year old to figure out so we just did our best at making sure she didn't get her hands on any other presents.